Who am I

“Martine is a person with many different knowledge areas.

For years she was active in the sports and dance world, but now she focuses mainly on supporting people and animals through homeopathy and various trainings. “



  • Veterinary and Human Classic Homeopath
  • Reikimaster A
  • Horse masseur
  • A lot of training in the field of sports, physical and dance


Over 30 years of experience as a professional dancer and choreographer, art painter.
I stood at the start of the aerobic / fitness era and introduced various forms of training in the Netherlands, I ran my own sports center for 17 years and was a master trainer / organizer within various courses.
At the moment I work in the sport as a personal trainer and instructor on a self-employed basis.

In addition, I treat people and animals through homeopathy.
For this I followed the 6 year course Human Classical Homeopathy Human at the school for Homeopathy in Amersfoort.
My graduation thesis was about the subject: Homeopathy and Asperger’s Syndrome. If you are interested, you can read the thesis via this link.

I think it is good to combine body, mind and emotion. No therapy can work optimally if the conditions in which problems arise remain the same.
That is why I offer a complete package, in which in my opinion that balance can be found back for your animal.

As far as horses are concerned, I am an advocate of groundwork, where you can concentrate well on the body language of your animal. You will get to know the animal better and you can use it if you are going to ride it.
You can also have as much fun in it as in driving, while groundwork is often a good training for yourself.

I am a member of Bewust Amersfoort and regularly provide editorial assistance to the Horse Conscious and the horse magazine Bit.