The importance of Omega 3


LIFE IN BALANCE– Martine du Floo, classic homeopath for people and animals / exercise specialist advises on movement, gives lifestyle advice and homeopathic guidance. Synergy is the word to create a good balance in lifestyle.

She advises optimal, advanced and tailor-made products to counter the imbalance in the current lifestyle.

Balance is the key word! An important factor is the ratio between the essential Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids. Both are essential and vital for different functions in the body. The problem is that these fatty acids are no longer in balance with the changes in our way of eating and the products we choose.

Too much Omega 6 in the diet brings the body out of balance. A deficiency of the essential Omega 3 fatty acids also brings the body out of balance.

As a result, the cell membrane “hardens” and important nutrients do not arrive at the place of destination, while the waste materials are also difficult to remove.
Omega 3 can make this membrane more permeable so that the functioning of the cell is optimized.

It is now the case that many supplements, including many Omega3 products, can not be optimally absorbed, because good nutrition products are also destroyed during the metabolic process.

In the products that Martine works with are Polyphenols, which ensure that the Omega3 oil arrives undamaged in the intestines, so that these can be absorbed by the body and transported to all body cells.

Omega3 has a positive influence on various risk factors for cardiovascular disease, counteracts inflammatory reactions and works on all body cells.

Martine would like to give advice on the use of Omega3, especially the Vegan series and does so by means of an informative session in which she explains the importance of using Omega3 for 3 months and the check with a blood test, which shows progress after three months. This blood test will be assessed by an independent laboratory.

The products are not intended to make a diagnosis, nor to treat, cure or prevent a disease. Of course, a good lifestyle is also important to achieve a good balance.