For the treatments on location, the rates are excl. € 0.20 per kilometer and excluding travel time (half an hour travel time is included in the price)

Homeopathic advice

Consultations for animals are always on location, because I want to observe the animals in their own environment. Of course there are also possibilities with your animal to agree an appointment in my practice. Humane consultations are by appointment in my practice in Leusden at the Travertine 40.

  • 1st consultation on average 1-1.5 hours € 95 (including 1st telephone consultation)
  • 2nd consultation on average 45 minutes € 65
  • Urgent telephone consultation / advice € 35
  • Telephone follow-up consultation € 15

Horse massage

  • Massage (1 hour) € 55
  • 10-ride ticket € 500

For subsequent treatments of several horses at the same location, the rates are on request. The horse massage is combined with Reiki on request (no extra costs)

Pet care at home (Rates on request)

Partnering with horse

  • Course Rates on request
  • Groundwork session once-only € 55
  • 10-trip ticket route by appointment € 500

Support behavioral problems (Rates on request)

Clinics (prices all on request)

  • Freestyling
  • Horse massage
  • Homeopathic first aid riders / horse
  • Courses horse massage, first aid with homeopathy,
  • Specific courses homeopathy, lectures