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Classic homeopathy

Classical homeopathy is a therapy based on natural laws.
This therapy has been used for many centuries.
It is also an extremely systematic method that stimulates the body’s own vitality to heal a disease that has developed (the self-healing ability of the body).

Without a life force the body could not be maintained. A small wound heals ‘automatically’ , with good vitality the body will deal with viruses, bacteria and the like, cells die and the body itself creates new ones. If the life force is disturbed, however, complaints can arise.

Classical homeopathy can help to relieve the imbalance so that the body regains its self-healing ability.

For which complaints can homeopathy help?

Of course the circumstances are very important. If these are not ideal, no treatment will be able to solve the problem for 100%.

Homeopathy can be used in almost all diseases and at any age. In addition, homeopathy can be used in addition to other treatments, of course in consultation with the therapist.

Think about the following complaints:

  • inflammation (including eye, ear, bladder, skin)
  • complaints after an accident, trauma, surgery (think of healing process at
    bone fracture, fall or contusion)
  • behavior problems (including anxiety, aggression, nervousness)
  • problems with the musculoskeletal system (joints, tendons muscles)
  • allergies and skin problems
  • respiratory problems
  • stomach-bowel complaints (constipation, diarrhea)
  • bladder and kidney problems
  • hormonal complaints
  • problems during and after giving birth

For more information we recommend the following videos and articles:


Support with Aloë Vera

Aloe Vera is one of the oldest, most famous, beneficial plants and has been used in different cultures throughout the centuries. From the Ancient Greeks and Romans to Babylonian, Indian and Chinese peoples, Aloe Vera was called the miracle plan. Of all species, the Aloe Vera Barbadensis (Miller) is the most applied.

The plant is family of the lily and possesses many good qualities for both humans and animals.
Both in the field of body care and in the field of nutrition supplement there are many benefits for both humans and animals.

From my own experience I have noticed that both my animals and myself have been able to experience a very positive result within 10 days after using both the supplements and the care products.


In addition to many other courses, I am also a qualified sports masseur and I provide various types of massages.


This massage is performed in a massage chair and includes a massage of the back of the body with the emphasis on neck and back. The clothes can be held during this massage.

The massage provides relaxation and this form of massage is also widely used within companies. Chair massages can be provided on location, because I can easily carry the massage chair.

Sport- and relaxationmassage
Is there a muscle hurting or did you get twisted? Then a sports massage can help you.

During this massage, various techniques are used to remove muscle nodes and stimulate blood flow.


Want to relax?

This is also possible with a wonderful relaxation massage. This massage uses gentle techniques and ensures complete relaxation of the muscles. Ideal after a busy day!

I use a mobile massage table, so the massages can be performed in my practice as well as on location.

I often also use Reiki during the massages.

It is stated that in a reiki treatment the Reiki practitioner
acts as an intermediary for the transmission of universal life energy
to the recipient. According to practitioners, this energy itself finds its way through it
body and the spirit of the recipient.
The transmitted energy would have a nourishing and harmonizing effect on energy channels and chakras.
The passing on of this energy could take place
by direct laying on the hands as if at a distance. This transmission of energy would exert a positive influence on disharmony in every part of the human being. It would have a comprehensive harmonizing effect on it
everything that underlies energy, people, animals,
plants, objects as situations.

Reiki is used for complaints on physical, emotional,
mental and spiritual level, and also to strengthen
health and well-being.

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