Innovative plan

Move2gather wants to set up a socially responsible project in which the cooperation between people, animals and nature is the core values.

The project requires locations, participants in operations and finances.

Move2gather in a Farmcare plan

Collecting beautiful moments together and the power of each other. Bringing people, animals and nature together.

A socially responsible project, in which the cooperation between people, animals and nature are the core values. Empty or partially vacant agricultural objects are extremely suitable for exploiting this plan. Also argrarians who want to give their business a different destination, but want to continue living there, can give their location an appearance of a Move2gather / pharmacy plan.

For my project I look for locations, participants in operations and finances


The concept of a Move2gather / Farmcare plan is a combination of nature, people and animals, aimed at mutual cooperation, respect, education, activities for the youth and support with a national appearance.

The theme “Living together, moving together, learning together” summarizes the various components of this plan.


Youth between the ages of 4 and 12 with a problem in the field of bullying, diagnosis ADHD or problems in the Autism spectrum can get tools here to better their school time through “experiential learning”. By offering various activities, the children will become more self-aware and can develop better. The use of the know-how and intervention of animals (animal assisted intervention), creativity and movement are important components.

We look at children’s talents instead of their shortcomings. The objective is to introduce children to the possibilities of their bodies in a creative way within clear frameworks and thereby to develop their self-confidence. By combining structure with creativity, the same goals can be achieved, only through a different path.


In addition, there is contact with several entrepreneurs who will be active in the move2gather / Farmcare project, such as (veterinary) doctor, homeopaths, children coaches, supervisors in the field of creativity, working with the intervention of animals, and so on. The organization “Resilience” will provide dance education. Guest lecturers will be deployed for other movement related and creative activities.

The aim is to steer the children in such a way that the transition to secondary education becomes easier and to make a start in their career.

Who am I

I am Martine Silvana du Floo, initiator of this concept. I have earned my spurs in the world of sport, dance and movement, in the Netherlands and Belgium and am fully qualified for giving many different movement classes, personal training and dance. In Leusden I led a health / dance center for 18 years, in which I organized activities for teachers and consumers.

I am also currently supervising Move2gather projects in primary schools, where conversations and movements focus on social problems among young people, such as bullying and obesity. I have been asked several times for projects in the Glind.

I have completed an HBO education as a classic homeopath for humans and animals and have followed a recognized Basic Medical Training. I work with animals and will soon be trained as an Animal Assisted Coach.

I notice that there is a need for experiential learning and for this I have several professionals in my team, who can realize this in addition to the objective that is required in the field of primary education. The aim is to teach children that a follow-up to a secondary school becomes easier.

Paddock Paradise

In the plan, if the destination permits, a so-called “Paddock Paradise” track will be constructed, in which horses live in freedom in a herd (possibly also old horses). This maximizes horse welfare.

For this purpose, a so-called “track” is constructed whereby the horses are stimulated to a natural way of movement, in accordance with the behavior they show in the wild.

Because the horses are active in their own habitat, they are easier to use for animal intervention techniques and coaching with the help of horses.

It is an innovative plan and not “measurable” but I am convinced that the synergy in the plan ensures quality and continuity of the activities. an example for possibly several locations in the Netherlands.

Are you interested in participating?

Please contact us via the contact form or by phone: 06-50523566